Gettysburg Campground Site Map & Policies

We are a family campground and offer 260 sites, 124 with water and electric, 116 offering full hookups, and 20 rustic tent sites, accommodating everything from a tent to the largest RVs. Our W/E and W/E/S site are a mix of pull-thru and back-in, where we can accommodate literally any size RV. If you are new to the camping experience, we also have rustic cabins and full-facility cottages.

Gettysburg Campground Site Map

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Alcohol • Alcohol is allowed at campsites and in the rec hall (cans only, no glass). Absolutely NO non-prescription drugs allowed on property. Abuse of alcohol or drugs will be cause for IMMEDIATE eviction. No kegs allowed. Pennsylvania drinking age is 21.

Bicycles • No bicycle riding after dark, unless bicycles have lights. Pennsylvania law requires children under 12 years of age to wear a bicycle helmet. NO bicycle riding on paved areas behind bathrooms or on any designated walkways. Bicycles need to be walked through all walkways.

Cars • Only two cars per campsite. All cars on the campground must be registered and display a car pass.

Children • Children under 18 years must be staying with an adult while at the campground. Parents are responsible for the safety and actions of their children. Children 6 and under must be accompanied to the bathhouse. All children must be back at their campsites by 11:00PM.

Dishes • Do not wash any dishes in the bathrooms. A sink has been provided outside of the lower set of bathrooms to wash dishes. Also, please do NOT use this sink for human or animal bathing!

Firearms, Fireworks, Firecrackers • Explosives of any kind are not allowed under any circumstances.

Fires • must be built in fire rings only. Extinguish all fires before retiring or leaving campsite. Do not move fire rings. PLEASE DO NOT BURN: cans, cigarette butts, glass or styrofoam in your fire rings. DO NOT burn any wood that has nails or staples in it.

Gray / Waste Water • Absolutely NO discharging of waste (septic) water and/or gray (dish, bath) water on ground by order of Pennsylvania State Law. Gray/waste water must be disposed of in dump station. Proper sewer connections are required by law. Donuts are required.

Pets • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and are not permitted in store, bathhouse, game room, pool or playground area. CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PET and respect others by keeping your pet controlled and quiet. DO NOT leave your pet unattended. If a neighbor’s pet is disturbing you, please report it to the office.

Pool • No one age 13 and under is allowed in the pool without an adult. No smoking, eating, or drinking in pool area. Babies need to have a diaper with rubber pants over the diaper or swim diapers to prevent accidents in the pool.

Quiet Hours • Quiet hours are from 11:00PM-8:00am. Report any disturbances to the office. Loud radios, TVs, etc., not allowed at any time. Please be considerate of your fellow campers.

Sites • Management reserves the right to assign and/or change your site without notice. Please do not walk through occupied sites.

Speed Limit • The limit is 6 ½ miles per hour throughout the campground. Pedestrians have the right of way.

Golf Carts • Golf Carts are permitted but must register at the office upon arrival. All drivers must be 18 or older with a valid drivers license.

Trash • Police the area when you leave. Trash should be place in receptacles provided. Only campground trash should be put in receptacles.

Trees • NO defacing, cutting or destroying live trees and foliage. Firewood is for sale from the campground store.

Rates • Rates based on 6 people. One camping unit and 1 tent OR 2 tents per site. MAXIMUM IS 8 PEOPLE PER SITE.

Visitors • Visitors are required to register upon entering the campground. Registered campers are responsible to ensure their visitors register. All cars without a pass subject to towing at car owners expense.

We reserve the right to discharge without refund any person who fails to abide by our Guest Policies.